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Vans Customizer

  • My Role: Lead Designer: UX, UI and Copywriting
  • Client: Vans (in-house)

I reached out to the Customs team to redesign their customization platform, the “Customizer,” which was originally designed by a third-party vendor. The original plan was to do a quick UI redesign to all the modals. However, in designing them, I realized the UX also needed to be reworked and all the copy needed to be rewritten to be more clear to the user.
In redesigning these modals, I reached out to the Customer Service and Site Experience teams to see what the user pain points are. The main one is that users do not know how to use the Customizer. They have to play around with the Customizer for a while before feeling good about starting to design. So I created a instructional splash page – similar to what you see when you first download and open an app.